Borrelia persica

Bor·rel·i·a per·si·ca

a bacterial species that causes relapsing fever in the Middle East and central Asia; the vector is the tick, Ornithodoros tholozani.
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tholozani serves as the principal vector for Borrelia persica in different parts of Iran.
In order to determine the relationship of Ornithodoros tholozani to Borrelia persica infection, investigations were carried out in 3 different stages, in winter 2002, spring 2003 and summer 2003.
Tick-borne relapsing fever, an infection endemic to many parts of the world, especially Africa and the Mediterranean basin, is mainly attributed to Borrelia persica and transmitted by Ornithodoros tholozani ticks.
In Israel, TBRF is considered to be caused by Borrelia persica and transmitted by the cave tick Ornithodoros tholozani (1).
This study was funded in part by a Ministry of Environment grant (Borrelia 804-2) entitled: "Detection of infected populations of Ornithodorus tholozani with Borrelia persica."