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Amédée, French bacteriologist, 1867-1936. See: Borrel blue stain.
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L'Algerie et l'Espagne ont "les memes interets geostrategiques et economiques",a indique, jeudi a Alger,le ministre espagnol des Affaires etrangeres, de l'Union europeenne et de la Cooperation, Josep Borrel Fontelles.
Borrel, "Functional recovery of forelimb response capacity after forelimb primary motor cortex damage in the rat is due to the reorganization of adjacent areas of cortex," Neuroscience, vol.
The effects of LPS are due to its ability to stimulate macrophages to synthesize and secrete pro-inflammatory cytokines (Johnson and von Borrel, 1994).
Large intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies known as Bollinger bodies that contain smaller elementary bodies (Borrel bodies) is formed when FPV multiplies in cytoplasm of epithelium ischaracteristicof the disease and can be seen in histopathological examination (11).
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Maori continue to experience health disparities compared to the European or Pakeha majority (Robson & Reid, 2001; Borrel, McCreanor, Jensen & Barnes, 2009; Sibley, Harre, Hoverd & Houkamau, 2011; Houkamau & Sibley, 2011).
Se sabe que tener conocimiento sobre la enfermedad y tener informacion adecuada en el area de la salud, esta relacionado tanto con la prevencion como con la adhesion al tratamiento (Silva, Franco & Marques, 2005; Cano, Rieva, Garrido, Pons-Vigues & Borrel, 2010).