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(bôr′ĭj, bŏr′-)
An annual bristly herb (Borago officinalis) native to the Mediterranean region, having blue or purplish star-shaped flowers, edible leaves and stems, and seeds containing oil used as a dietary supplement.
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Herbal medicine
A mucilaginous annual herb, which contains essential oils, mucilage, pyrrolizidine alkaloids and tanning, and is antipyretic, a mucilage and demulcent. Borage is used by naturopaths to regulate metabolism and hormones, and is believed to be useful for gynaecologic problems including PMS/PMT and menopause.

May be harmful in large doses, given its known liver toxicity; carcinogenic potential.

A floral essence said to provide buoyant courage and optimism.
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A herbal prepared from the plant parts and seeds of Borago officinalis. Value as antiinflammatory and tonic. Clinically studied for its value in dermatology; possible use in hepatic and GI disorders. Plant contains toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
Synonym(s): beebread, ox's tongue, starflower.
[L.L. burrago, fr. burra, shaggy cloth]
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