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bo·ron (B),

A nonmetallic trivalent element, atomic no. 5, atomic wt. 10.811; occurs as a hard crystalline mass or as a brown powder; forms borates and boric acid.
[Pers. Burah]
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A trivalent nonmetallic element, (atomic number 5; atomic weight 10.81).
Alternative medicine
Boron is believed by alternative health workers to be useful in pregnancy and menopause as it increases oestrogens; they also believe in boron deficiency.

Boron-rich foods
Almonds, beans, honey, lentils, peas, peaches, pears and raisins.
Molecular biology
A mutation of SLC4A11, which encodes a transporter that regulates intracellular boron levels, results in congenital endothelial dystrophy type 2, a rare form of corneal dystrophy.
Boron is non-toxic to humans; while boron is needed for certain cellular activities, a boron deficiency state is not known to exist.

Boron is used in physics as a neutron-absorber.
Boron is a trace mineral needed for proper absorption and utilisation of calcium to maintain bone density, and may help prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis; daily supplements of boron may help retain dietary calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, and increase production of oestrogen and testosterone. It is also thought to safely promote muscle growth by body-builders.
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(B) (bōr'on)
A nonmetallic trivalent element, atomic no. 5, atomic wt. 10.811; occurs as a hard crystalline mass or as a brown powder, and forms borates and boric acid. A nutritional need has been reported in pregnant women.
[Pers. Burah ]
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Our aim in this study was to determine the contribution of boron compounds with alkanolamines grinding aids to cement settings to find a setting mechanism that could be helpful for further studies.
Based on the results, it was clear that boron compounds containing [B.sup.3+] were accumulated in the thick and porous [Ni.sup.O] layer formed at low DH contents.
The proposed structure of the boron compounds was confirmed by the mass spectra of boron derivatives; it showed the base peak corresponding to the molecular ion.
Selectivity of membranes by boron, depending on the pH of the initial concentrations of boron compounds: [??] - 2.5; [??] - 4.8; [DELTA] - 8.7; x - 10; * - 20.5 mg/[dm.sup.3]
Boron compounds are toxic to insects, especially beetles.
Good fixation of the boron compounds was observed after the leaching test, and they also showed an excellent antifungal activity against both Coriolus versicolor and Tyromyces palustris.
After analyzing the FTIR spectra of PR-HBPB treated at different temperatures between 220 and 600[degrees]C, the structural changes of boron compounds in the modified resin are further studied by B1s XPS spectra at the higher temperatures.
The most important borate deposits are located in the USA, Argentina, Turkey, Chile, Russia, China and Peru, where total boron compounds production reached around 2.750.000 tons in 1994.
FLAME RETARDANTS DEMAND (million pounds) % Annual Growth Item 1995 2000 2005 00/95 05/00 Flame Retardants Demand 795 1003 1200 4.8 3.7 Alumina Trihydrate 289 344 390 3.5 2.5 Bromine Compounds 196 264 325 6.1 4.2 Phosphorus Compounds 120 154 190 5.1 4.3 Antimony Oxide 54 73 95 6.2 5.4 Chlorine Compounds 54 60 65 2.1 1.6 Boron Compounds 40 50 60 4.6 3.7 Other Flame Retardants 42 58 75 6.7 5.3 [c] 2002 by The Freedonia Group, Inc.
They contain no silicates, phosphates or chelating agents and the strong inhibition properties, giving inhibition to exceed UNI 9374/9375, are not derived from toxic nitrites, boron compounds or oils.
This is due to a combination of heavier density boron compounds and a lack of dissolution in the metal.
National Gypsum challenged the EPA's calculation of the site's "waste characteristics" score by using the toxicity and persistency values for elemental boron and highly toxic boron compounds instead of boron oxide, the only compound actually known to have been deposited at the quarry.