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island in the Baltic Sea.
Bornholm disease - infection with coxsackievirus, causing severe abdominal and/or pleural pain.
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The next step in the process is for the EPA to issue Chemtronics, Northrop and CNA Holdings letters that will convey a draft consent decree that will include timetables for the remaining work to be done, as well as penalties for failing to meet those deadlines, Bornholm said.
And as islands with very definite boundaries, the green projects taking place on Samso and Bornholm are experiments providing precedents in different, contrasting yet comparable ways, for what can and is being done; harbingers of what can be scaled up and tried across communities the length and breadth of Denmark.
61) was drilled as part of a shallow drilling campaign conducted by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) on southern Bornholm in August 2010.
In September 2011, we also obtained 13 pools (738 nymphs, 37 male adults, 41 female adults) at 3 suspected TBE locations on Bornholm Island.
Ohlsson's base of operations, the island of Bornholm, has a long history of making and exporting bricks and ceramic wares to the rest of Denmark.
Bornholm Museum revealed the important discovery, noting that an amateur scientist found 157 Arab and Persian coins made of silver in different Arab regions, Denmark's biggest discovery in terms of number of Arab coins going back to the Vietcong era going back to 854 B.
A very different pace was adopted for our call at Bornholm - a tiny Danish island 45 miles off the coast of Sweden.
The Tour now moves to the island of Bornholm in Denmark for the Danish Open, which gets underway tomorrow.
On the Bornholm island unemployment had the biggest rise, to 6.
For those of you participating in the International Academy of Ceramics biennial General Assembly in Paris, 13-15 September, one of the above conferences is a perfect lead-in to an IAC pre-conference or: Also happening between 11 September to 7 November is European Ceramic Context 2010 which forms part of a biennial symposium for European contemporary ceramics and glass on the island of Bornholm in Denmark.
Bornholm, the "Pearl of the Baltic", lies about 100 miles from Copenhagen but only about 25 miles southeast of southern Sweden.
Second year students Rosanna Martin and Helen Pickles from the University of Wales, Institute, Cardiff, (Uwic) are set to attend the European Ceramic Context 2006 Festival this week on the Danish island of Bornholm.