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island in the Baltic Sea.
Bornholm disease - infection with coxsackievirus, causing severe abdominal and/or pleural pain.
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Discussion of the cemetery as a whole is thus rather limited, and is perhaps characterized by the initial plunge into a detailed reassessment of Hoilund Nielsen's chronology for Bornholm.
PHOTO : Packaging for about 50 million fish blocks comes from the Beck Kartonnage plant on Bornholm each year.
Although his works don't deserve the lack of critical attention they receive, Langrishe, Balcony, and Bornholm are, prior to Lions, his most complete works because, while operating within the novel form, the author has managed to confront the major dilemmas of the twentieth-century novelist.
Most of the Danish fishing fleet operates out of ports on the island of Bornholm (285 vessels), followed by Friderikshaven (262 vessels), Esbjerg (208 vessels), Skagen (205 vessels), and Hirtchals (190 vessels).
Regional Municipality of Bornholm wants to conclude a contract on the purchase and delivery of new vehicles in the 2016thThe acquisition will be financed through leasing municipal leasing parties.
The Sandbian strata are resting unconformably on a thin Komstad Limestone (basal Dapingian) and are in turn overlain by grey and black shales of Katian age; these strata are locally on Bornholm assigned to the Dicellograptus Shale.
Bornholm disease usually gets better without any treatment.
The black shale samples from Bornholm in the vicinity of the ocean reveal near-zero or negative [delta][sup.
Hurtigruten Line HurtigrutenOs 11-day OPearls of the Baltic SeaO will include Copenhagen, Helsinki and the smaller Gudhjem, a fishing town in Bornholm in Denmark.
Denmark's Bornholm heating plan includes plans to extend biomass-based district heating so 60% of the island's households are heated from local plants consuming local resources such as straw, wood chips and surplus heat from industry.
Chemical weapons found in the vicinity of the Danish island of Bornholm will not be removed, as the Danish authorities say it would be better to leave them where they are.
In Fourth Study Conference on BALTEX; Scala Cinema, Gudhjem, Bornholm, Denmark, 24-28 May 2004 (Isemer, H.