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island in the Baltic Sea.
Bornholm disease - infection with coxsackievirus, causing severe abdominal and/or pleural pain.
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The main route passes through the territorial waters of Denmark, south of Bornholm, while the alternative route is through the exclusive economic zone northwest of Bornholm.
The culinary delights of Bornholm are on offer at Gudhjem Harbour on the island's northeastern coast every June, when the Sol over Gudhjem festival takes place.
for sale on a in Bornholm These otherworldly fortresses were built in medieval times for the dual purpose of prayer and protection.
Visitors also get the chance to sample some of the island's specialities at the food market, with dozens of stalls offering For me, a highlight is a Cosmopolitan with a twist, made using orange gin from Copenhagen Distillery, drizzled over cranberry ice cream - made fresh by local producer Bornholms Ismejeri.
The mixture has proven effective at test sites on the property, Bornholm said.
The shooting happened on the island of Bornholm, according to Danish news agency Ritzaus.
The aim of the present contribution is to demonstrate the possibilities and problems of geochemical identification of individual volcanic eruption layers and, if possible, to identify the Kinnekulle Bentonite in the Billegrav-2 drill core section on Bornholm, Denmark.
Mathias Peter Moller (29 September 1854, Ostermarie, Denmark - 13 April 1937, Hagerstown, Maryland, US) was a prolific organ builder.[1] A native of the Danish island of Bornholm, he founded the M.P.
In Denmark, TBE has been reported since the 1950s only from the isolated Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea with an incidence of [approximately equal to] 4 cases per 100,000 persons (2).
One such project under construction is the Green Solution House conference center, part of the "Bright Green Island" strategy for the small Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic
The Agricultural Division of FNB Namibia and the Namibian Brahman Breeders Society (NBBS) signed a three-year agreement to the value of N$200,000 at the society's annual breeders day at Farm Bornholm of Kasper and Stefanie Gunzel in the Grootfontein District.