Borrelia anserina

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Bor·rel·i·a an·se·ri·na

a bacterial species that causes spirochetosis of fowls; found in the blood of infected geese, ducks, other fowl, and vector ticks; it is the type species of the genus Borrelia.


a genus of spiral, gram-negative bacteria. The spirals have a long amplitude and are irregular.

Borrelia anserina
causes fowl spirochetosis.
Borrelia burgdorferi
causes lyme disease in humans and animals.
Borrelia recurrentis
causes relapsing fever in humans, and a subclinical disease in Virginia opossum, one of the major reservoirs of the disease.
Borrelia suilla
not an accredited species. Originally identified as a cause of ulcerative granuloma of swine.
Borrelia theileri
cause of theileriasis in cattle, sheep and horses.