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Jules, Belgian bacteriologist and Nobel laureate, 1870-1961. See: Bordetella, Bordet-Gengou potato blood agar, Bordet-Gengou bacillus, Bordet-Gengou phenomenon, Bordet and Gengou reaction.
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Domaine Seguinot Bordet Petit-Chablis 2017 Now this maturation is achieved in special wine lodges that allow heat to rise to the top.
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The idea of a bacteria-killing virus in humans was ridiculed by the established medical elite, including the Nobel Prize winning French immunologist, Jules Bordet, who went so far as to claim that d'Herelle had lied about his experiments.
Anticosti Island, as part of the Appalachian foreland basin, underwent tectonic subsidence under the influence of Taconian and Early Acadian Orogenies (Bordet et al.
The study involved a cohort of 110 consecutive patients with clinically localized PCa primarily treated with whole gland HIFU at the Jules Bordet Institute between September 2001 and December 2012.
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