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Abbreviation for branchio-oto-renal.


A gene on chromosome 8q13.3 that encodes an eyes absent (EYA) family protein, which may play a role in the developing kidney, branchial arches, eyes and ears.

Molecular pathology
EYA1 mutations are linked to branchiootorenal (BOR) syndrome, branchiootic syndrome, and sporadic cases of congenital cataracts and ocular anterior segment defects.
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Commissioner of Bor county, Isaac Mamer Ruuk, confirmed that the pro-government soldier was captured by the local armed civilian youth while raiding cattle, and his other colleagues managed to escape.
Nurses at Bor state hospital said Buona, who is believed to be in his 40s, fractured his left leg and suffered chest injuries.
This issue concerning cattle raiders and killing of people, and suspicion [falling] on Murle is not something new in Bor," he said.
Meanwhile, police have been deployed around the Bor market to monitor the situation.
Hai Machuor, Leek-yaak and block two are main affected areas," Gai said, referring to Bor suburbs where people are displaced by the rains.
Responsibility for reconstruction and cleaning efforts under way in Bor will now rest with the state government.
Recovery of Bor is a success mission," Nhial told reporters on Friday.
Riek Machar arrived to Bor by three boats, according to eyewitnesses and sparked a serious battle at the key quarter of the ministries located on the main docking site.
Bor bilesiklerinin kullanim alanlari arasinda cam, seramik, temizlik, beyazlatma, kozmetik, metalurji, nukleer, bilgisayar ve ucak sanayi, enerji sektoru, tarim ve saglik yer almaktadir.
May 17, 2017(BOR) - A South Sudanese army official has denied the use of military assets in the recent communal fight by Dinka Bor youth against Murle.
LAHORE -- The Board of Revenue (BoR) has directed revenue officers (ROs) of the province to decide cases of overseas Pakistanis in three hearings and furnish reports on monthly basis to the BoR.
They have also been asked to furnish reports on monthly basis to the BoR.