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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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A newe Booke called the Shippe of safegarde, wrytten by G.
Thomas Harding, A Confutation of a Booke Intitled an Apologie of the Church of England (Antwerp, 1565), sig.
Implementing GNAT Pro for the PowerPC BookE compliant e200z6 core of the 5554 is very exciting for AdaCore," said Robert Dewar, President of AdaCore.
For readers, the Booke iOS app brings all the functionality of eBooks to favorite printed works and offers exclusive content that takes reading printed books into the 21st Century.
None of Julian's manuscripts had been conclusively identified until Beal found an inscription stating, "I bought this booke of Julian not so much for my own use as to prevent others reading of it" (20).
The MetaWare PowerPC tools include special support for the PowerPC 440 architecture including support for the PowerPC 440 BookE instruction extensions, hardware floating point unit, multiply and accumulate instructions, and critical interrupts.
Bacha, President & CEO (604) 629-5989 or Booke & Company Investor Relations, admin@bookeandco.
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In which TV series did Sorrell Booke play Boss Hogg?
And let your noble daughters likewise reade / This little Booke that I present to you" (47-50).
We are excited about the opportunity to provide feedback on Descartes' market-leading solutions that are developed and deployed on the new Logistics Network Operating System," noted Mike Booke, Director of Strategy and Planning, The Schwan Food Company.
LabStyle also separately announced that they have engaged Booke and Company, Inc.