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Access to Health Fund Board, Chair Rea Bonzi said, Despite making great leaps forward in the past few years, the health system in Myanmar faces great challenges in reaching its most vulnerable populations.
Federer will play either Slovakia's world number 73 Lukas Lacko or France's Benjamin Bonzi - ranked 284th - next.
Federer now moves on to face either Lukas Lacko of Slovakia or the French qualifier Benjamin Bonzi in the next round.
The 36-year-old Swiss will face either Lukas Lacko of Slovakia or France's Benjamin Bonzi in the second round.
"I'm excited about the prospects of Luke possibly playing on a Blazer squad that does not have a Rasheed Wallace or a Bonzi Wells flipping off the crowd," Steve Jackson said.
When I checked my machine for identified words including bonzi, gator, kazaa and webshots, I found scores of suspect files.
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