Bonus System

Any system of health delivery that provides some form of financial incentive for its doctors’ ‘efficient’ use of services—i.e., by minimizing diagnostic testing, hospitalization and referrals to specialists
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This is possible with the new bonus system for the staff of the locomotive staff at BDZ Passenger Transport, the company said.
England's bonus system - which was negotiated between the FA, players and wb their agents - has already kicked in, with the squad getting a share of PS1m for reaching the last 16.
The Mandatory Health Insurance Fund is changing the quality assurance system for health care services and switches to the result-based bonus system.
In 2014, the Park Geun-hye government also test-operated the vacation bonus system among 180 mid- and small-sized businesses, but it was shortly abolished the next year due to the lack of participating companies.
"The Commission approves the annulment of the bonus system for the proportional system and the distribution of undistributed mandates to all the parties overcoming the threshold.
Global Banking News-December 2, 2015--Irish central bank to revamp bonus system
One simple modification to the typical loss control incentive program is structured around a statistically driven bonus system that rewards subcontractors participating in a project's workers' compensation wrap-up program for better-than-expected claim experience.
Mike Stroh, Michael David's director of marketing, described the grower bonus system at Lodi Grape Day on Feb.
A GROUP of aviation employees are threatening to protest next week over a new bonus system.
Farrisee defended the bonus system, telling the House Veterans Affairs Committee that the VA needs to pay bonuses to keep executives who are paid up to $181,000 per year.
Tory chairman of the Treasury Committee, Andrew Tyrie, who seeks fundamental reform of the bonus system said: "Well after the crisis broke, bonus schemes have continued to reward failure."