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Pierre, French clinician, 1861-1918. See: Bonnier syndrome.
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STOCKHOLM -- Swedish poet and Nobel Literature Prize winner Tomas Transtromer has died at age 83, Swedish publisher Bonniers said Friday.
The reclusive, mild-mannered wordsmith -- considered a master of metaphor and one of the most important Scandinavian poets of the post-World War II era -- died Thursday after a short illness said Bonniers spokeswoman Anna Tillgren.
2)," the poem featured here, is the title poem from The Sorrow Gondola (Albert Bonniers Forlag, 1996), the first collection of poems written after his stroke.
In 2002 Bonnier Audio (Sweden) released Tomas Transtromer: Klangen sager att friheten finns ( The Sound is a Declaration of Freedom), a compact disc containing recordings of Transtromer reading selections of his poetry and performing several classical piano pieces.
Her next work to be published was 'Pippi Longstocking', which was refused by Bonniers and then published by Raben & Sjogren.
Her 1998 volume of poetry Jag bryter hanget follows Brottet (1988), Sangkanter (1990), Urhalsningen fran mig (1992), and Offret (1994) and is published in the renowned Albert Bonniers Forlag's poetry series.
Her clients include Droemer and Der Spiegel (Germany), Albert Bonniers and Bonnier Alba (Sweden), Pan Macmillan (United Kingdom and Australia), Kodansha (Japan), Lindhardt & Ringhof (Denmark), Groupe de la Cite (France), Otava (Finland), The Veen Group (The Netherlands), Editorial Atlantida (Argentina), Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Cappelen (Norway) and Arnoldo Mondadori Editore (Italy).
The cooperation between Eniro and Bonniers also includes an agreement which means that "Eniro - Svar om Sverige" will also be available as a searchable service, as part of Bonniers' Internet offering.
As a result of the deal, Bonnier and Eniro will embark upon a far-reaching cooperation to develop a new, joint service that will be marketed under the "Eniro - Svar om Sverige" (Eniro - Sweden Answers) brand name.
That dip ran over, and the next step in Gustafsson's career was the coeditorship, for a time with Daniel Hjorth, of the Bonniers Literary Magazine, which ushered him into the charmed circle of the Bonniers and lunches at Sturehof.
In 1986 his selection of essays Kamrerns julafton was chosen by Bonniers as their Christmas book of the year, a very perceptive choice because Claesson--or "Slas," as is his signature--is not only a remarkable observer and moralist but also a skilled artist whose clever drawings illustrate his essays.