Bonnet syndrome

Bon·net syndrome

complex visual hallucinations without attendant psychological abnormality; more common in old people with vision problems.


Paul, French ophthalmologist, 1884-1959.
Bonnet-Dechaume-Blanc syndrome - rare syndrome featuring unilateral retinal arteriovenous malformation, ipsilateral aneurysmal arteriovenous malformation of the brain, and ipsilateral cutaneous vascular abnormalities. Synonym(s): Bonnet syndrome
Bonnet syndrome - Synonym(s): Bonnet-Dechaume-Blanc syndrome
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In addition to providing a case study of a blind poet who suffered from Charles Bonnet syndrome, the book also recounts his own adventures into the inner visual world, including self-induced psychedelic visions of pattern and colours facilitated by LSD and morphine.
Mr Crossland said that Dr Flaherty had been diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome, a condition that causes visual hallucinations, but that he did not have a severe case and that it did not extend to physical sensations.
Kath said: "He had nightmares and suffered from Charles Bonnet syndrome, which is common for people who have lost their sight and causes hallucinations.
Next is an article that discusses the impact of anxiety in persons who have visual hallucinations as a result of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which affects many older individuals with low vision.
Identified over 250 years ago, Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) remains virtually unknown by most physicians.
Jalal Abuthina picked four cases of the Charles Bonnet syndrome and did a re-enactment in front of the camera to show what they might look like.
The visual hallucinations, known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome, often occur but Mrs Roberson was unaware she might develop them.
This phenomenon has been known since the 18th century as Charles Bonnet Syndrome after the Swiss philosopher who recognised it in his grandfather who was going blind.
Visual hallucinations have been reported in a variety of pathological states, including Charles Bonnet Syndrome (visual hallucinations of the blind), migraine headache, Lewy body dementia, Parkinson's disease, narcolepsy, delirium tremens, schizophrenia, use of hallucinogenic drugs, and peduncular hallucinosis (Manford & Andermann, 1998).
Abstract: Introduction: Some persons with Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) suffer significant anxiety because of their visual hallucinations, while others do not.
com)-- Often misdiagnosed as a psychiatric disorder, Charles Bonnet Syndrome is characterized by visual hallucinations ranging from simple patterns, faces and landscapes to complex motion pictures of strange and sometimes disturbing scenes.
The charity is currently running a campaign aimed at raising awareness among 11-14-year olds about how smoking causes sight loss, which includes videos illustrating hallucinations resulting from Charles Bonnet syndrome.