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Sports medicine A total system shutdown that occurs in athletes whose liver glycogen reserves have been depleted and whose leg (or other endurance) muscles stop responding as desired
Types Muscle-glycogen bonk, central fatigue—blood glucose bonk
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But this week, actor Ricky Groves has been brilliant portraying the greasy mechanic who has just discovered wife Lynne has been bonking the man who jilted her at the altar a few years ago.
Half of men and women fancy a vibrator in their bonking sessions, according to the poll for a two-part TV series The Big Fantasy.
Well, Carry On Bonking, I suppose, but I can't say the Viagra Recession has done much for me, yet.
And as we say so long to BB5, there is one burning question unanswered: How will BB6 top an anarchist, a bonking bunny boiler and a screaming nicotine-addicted Portuguese transsexual?
NEWSREADER Michael Buerk's last ambition before he quits is to stop viewers BONKING in front of the telly while he's on.
Maybe I feel like this because I'm becoming an old man - I'm too old for the bonking, too posh to be a Dingle
He sets her down safely on the grass and then springs skyward, bonking his head on a beam (surprise) on the way back to the platform.
ARGENTINA have been told to carry on bonking in the World Cup finals.
RICH middle-aged men are queuing to buy the wonder bonking drug Viagra to turn them into studs again.
If we are ever going to dig our way out of this recession, then there can be no bonking in the boardroom, rogering in the reception area, or the cuddling of colleagues.
Ayrshire *** FULL marks to Chris Martin of Coldplay while other pop stars are running about taking drugs and bonking everything in sight, he prefers a good football kickabout in the garden with his mate.