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Sports medicine A total system shutdown that occurs in athletes whose liver glycogen reserves have been depleted and whose leg (or other endurance) muscles stop responding as desired
Types Muscle-glycogen bonk, central fatigue—blood glucose bonk
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Nickname: Bonking Boris; Age: 43; Education: Eton and Oxford; Style: Heavyweight buffoon; Former job: Management consultant (for one week); Hobbies: Insulting cities
Half of men and women fancy a vibrator in their bonking sessions, according to the poll for a two-part TV series The Big Fantasy.
RICH TEASE: Unbeknown to the prim maid and her friend, a couple engage in a bit of bonking under the branch, while two randy dogs gatecrash the party in the heat of a summer's afternoon.
They'd been alerted by other hotel guests shocked by the mass bonking session.
RICH middle-aged men are queuing to buy the wonder bonking drug Viagra to turn them into studs again.
Some contestants will be forced to share beds in the hope that they can get some bonking on the show.
And the Irish seem to prefer bonking one another rather than having fun with foreigners.
It's a tale of love, families, bonking in the back porch and all sorts of awfully frightful situations one encounters on a weekend shooting with one's cohorts in the valleys.
Nine hundred people all bonking away - imagine that.
A noisy bonking couple have been ordered to have sex - in front of a court.
The star, 22, revealed: "I would love it if a couple of them ended up bonking on live TV.
Dozens of worn-out toads have been washed up on the banks of a beauty spot after BONKING to death.