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Karl, German psychiatrist, 1868-1948. See: Bonhoeffer sign.
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Bonhoeffer tem ja ha decadas lugar bem estabelecido e assegurado no panteao dos grandes teologos do seculo XX, ao lado de outros gigantes, como Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann e Jurgen Moltmann (na teologia protestante), e de Romano Guardini, Karl Rahner e Hans Urs Von Balthasar (na teologia catolica).
Bonhoeffer writes, quoting Jesus, '"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Many readers will be struck--perhaps even somewhat exhausted--by the chronicle not only of writings on subjects embracing reconciliation, a theology of ministry, Calvin, a Reformed theology of liberation, restorative justice, as well as more Bonhoeffer, but also of the seemingly endless travels and visits to lecture on every continent and in just about every major university in the world.
As Bonhoeffer completed his studies, he served as an assistant pastor at a Lutheran church in Barcelona, Spain, where he was tempted to convert to Roman Catholicism, drawn to what he described as "the beauty, exuberance, and grandeur" of the Catholic church.
Though a theological giant and a martyr in the making, Bonhoeffer still faced the mundane realities of life.
While allowing that Bonhoeffer worked for the Abzvehr (German military intelligence) and was privy to conversations about conspiratorial plans and activities, the timing of the assassination attempts on Hitler's life in relation to what we know of Bonhoeffer's life between 1939 and 1945 make it "highly unlikely" that he took part in "actions that contributed directly to attempts to kill Hitler" (87-88).
It seems one should be able to extract a secular ethic from the thinking of a man so generous in his views and so positive in his treatment of the secular world as Bonhoeffer, yet to do so is to defeat his clear intentions.
Beyond Bonhoeffer's symbolic act of defiance in attending an African American church in 1930, Bonhoeffer and Powell exemplified what would now be given various labels, including cross-cultural communication and learning, a diversity case study, the difference an ally can make and the power of inclusion.
The authors' topics include understanding Bonhoeffer from default through hermeneutic reading, Foucaultian reflections on his life and theology, gender and the reliance of "above" and "below," Bonhoeffer and three black writers (James W.
The reason was that Bonhoeffer, even from his earliest years, had a deep sense of the fragility of the world under the judgment of and dependent on the grace of God.
For readers more influenced by Borg, Crosson and Spong than by Barth, Bonhoeffer and Torrance--or for that matter, by the Anglican biblical scholar E.
The panel decided which facts it found proved against Prof Bonhoeffer, and will go on to consider on Monday whether it considers his fitness to practise is impaired.