Bonferroni method

Bon·fer·ro·ni meth·od

(bōn-fer-rō'nē meth'ŏd)
Multiple comparison method used in studies involving analysis of variance.
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The model was first run with interaction terms and if these were significant the alpha value was adjusted using the Bonferroni method to adjust for type I errors (p = .
In groups where the mutual effect was significant, Tukey and t-test with correction of degree of freedom by Bonferroni method were used to identify the couples that their difference was significant [30].
All P-values were adjusted for multiple tests using the sequential Bonferroni method (Rice 1989).
Genome-wide significance was defined based on the LD-adjusted Bonferroni method (Duggal et al.
All of these differences are statistically significant, even when adjusted for multiple comparisons using the Bonferroni method.
The Bonferroni method probably should not be used to prove a null result.
The estimation of the relationship between BMI and dmfs values was based on a generalized linear model (GLM, over dispersed Poisson regression), while the sequential Bonferroni method was used for the comparison of the estimated dmfs marginal means between BMI categories [Norusis, 2008].
Nevertheless, if the p value was adjusted by the Bonferroni method to be set at approximately .
Comparison between sample treatments was done using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and means were separated using Bonferroni method.
017, follow-up paired t tests were evaluated using the Holm's Sequential Bonferroni method to control for Type I error.