bone wax

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a plastic solid of plant or animal origin or produced synthetically. adj., adj wax´y.
bone wax a waxy substance used for packing small bone cavities, as in bones of the skull, and for controlling bleeding from them.
dental wax a mixture of two or more waxes with other additives, used in dentistry for casts, construction of nonmetallic denture bases, registering of jaw relations, and laboratory work.
ear wax cerumen.
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bone wax

a mixture of antiseptic agents, oil, and wax used to stop bleeding by plugging exposed areas of bone.
Synonym(s): Horsley bone wax
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Sir Victor A.H., English surgeon, 1857-1916.
Horsley anastomosis
Horsley bone cutter
Horsley bone rongeur
Horsley bone wax - a mixture of antiseptic agents, oil, and wax used to stop bleeding by plugging bone cavities or haversian canals. Synonym(s): bone wax
Horsley bone-cutting forceps
Horsley cranial rongeur
Horsley dural separator
Horsley elevator
Horsley forceps
Horsley suture
Horsley trephine
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Unlike a mastoid defect, a tegmen defect cannot be easily obliterated with bone wax because the tegmen tympani is not supported by underlying bone, and the pressure required to apply the wax can fracture it.
The opacification of the few opened mastoid air cells actually represented bone wax rather than CSE This obviated the need for a significantly more extensive procedure and allowed us to treat the patient with a transcanal procedure.