Bone Setter

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A popular term for a person in Britain who practised various forms of spinoskeletal manipulation until the mid-1800s
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But many still throng traditional bone setters' homes.
* To prove the morbidity and sufferings of the patients who underwent treatment by traditional bone setters.
* To enlighten the complications that arise from the treatments by local bone setters and hence the need of Health Education to the Public.
The above pilot reports (1-3) indicate that it is possible to educate bone setters and reduce morbidity.
Language loss and land loss often go hand in hand, and although there are now valiant attempts to revive and restore indigenous languages among Sonoran and Arizonan tribes, many of the specialized vocabularies will disappear if there is no longer a need for local hide tanners, bone setters, olla makers, chile stringers, lobster divers, bootleggers, herb gatherers, or rattle carvers.
As long as the menace of quacks is not controlled as long as bone setters are treating complex fractures with strips of wood and pieces of strings.
That is why people that have open fractures stand a high chance of developing a bone infection if they go to traditional bone setters for treatment,'he noted.
This book tells the story of the dynasty of bone setters and orthopaedic surgeons to come from Anglesey, beginning with the mystery of the young boy who was shipwrecked on Porth Newydd beach sometime between 1735 and 1740.
Upon inquiring the reason for the delay in presentation 4 patients had financial hardships, 8 cases had taken treatment from traditional bone setters and quacks and 6 patients were being treated at home by fomentation and indigenous bandages.
The common reasons of delayed presentation in our setup include faith and belief in traditional bone setters, financial constraints, missing the early undisplaced fractures etc.
From Bone Setters to Bionic Supermen - charting the impressive history of orthopaedics across Merseyside.
The few people that seek to have it corrected seek attention at traditional bone setters, which most times usually end up with complications,' said Dr Okunola.