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An RAF spokesman said: "The Tornado GR4s of 12 Bomber Squadron, operating from Kandahar, have continued to deliver their key capabilities in support of a number of coalition ground forces.
Towards the end of the war he learned to fly, had several crashes, including one on his first flight, and joined a bomber squadron.
Bartlett who began his service at 18 as a navigator-bombardier aboard a B-25 in Marine Bomber Squadron 443.
At Bahrain: Tristar air-to-air refuelling jet and a Tornado fighter and bomber squadron.
He had been a captain with Marine Torpedo Bomber Squadron 232 during WW II.
The night I was shot down, my bomber squadron lost 21 airmen, of whom only three of us survived.
98) Peck picked up his fourth Oscar nomination (and won the New York Film Critics Award) as the commander of a bomber squadron in this classic war picture.
After undergoing basic training, she was posted overseas with the RCAF's bomber squadron Number Six Group.
THE last member of an historic bomber squadron who carried out crucial missions over Germany during World War II has died aged 87.
In half an hour, from that first brush with Newkirk's flight to the moment when Sandell waggled his wings and led the Adam and Eves back to Wu Chia Ba, the Japanese bomber squadron had lost three planes, each with four men aboard.
during WWII as an top turret gunner on a B-17 in the 463rd Bomber Squadron stationed in Foggia, Italy where he successfully completed 50 bombing missions.
Thornaby Aerodrome came into existence in 1930 when the Auxiliary Airforce 608 Bomber squadron was formed.