Bombay Phenotype

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A rare variant of ABO antigens on RBCs
Physiology For A or B antigens to be expressed on RBCs, the cells must have a precursor substance—H antigen encoded by the H gene; Oh type RBCs do not agglutinate with antisera containing anti-A, anti-B, or anti-H type antibodies as they lack the H gene, and ergobstance; Oh subjects do have anti-A, anti-B, and anti-H antibodies in their serum, which may cause problems when cross-matching donors and recipients
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Bombay phenotypes are homozygous (hh) for T725G mutation (Leucine is changed to Arginine) in the FUT I coding region with gene deletion of FUT2.The consequence of this mutation is production of an inactivated enzyme that is incapable of producing 'H' Antigen (7,8).

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