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Ludwig, Austrian physicist who founded branch of physics known as statistical mechanics, 1844-1906.
Boltzmann constant
Boltzmann distribution
Boltzmann equation
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If we compare the GA to the combined used of reinforcement learning and simulated annealing with the help of Boltzmann distribution in terms of idle times (in the case of 30 different 20-machine flow-shop problems increasing the number of jobs from one to thirty), we will experience that the genetic algorithm approaches the optimum with equally well than the RL at first (up to ten-job problems), but an increase in the number of jobs issues in more and more bigger difference for GA against reinforcement learning (Figure 10).
Instead of the Boltzmann distribution f(v) = exp(-hv /kT), this open system becomes the subject of f(v) = 1/N, where N is the number of degrees of freedom.
Each class is asymptotically distributed as a Boltzmann distribution, and the process of determining this distribution for any [THETA] is referred to as "equilibration.
Physical models demonstrate gravitational force near the earth's surface, potential energy, vibrational energy, collisions, entropy, and the Boltzmann distribution.
For plasma in local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE), the population density of atomic and ionic electronic states is described by a Boltzmann distribution.