Bolton analysis

Bolton analysis, a computation developed by Wayne Bolton for the evaluation of tooth size discrepancies between maxillary and mandibular arches.
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Dr Moza explained that the tooth size analysis is defined as the degree of disproportional relationships between upper and lower teeth (in total or anterior) often called Bolton analysis.
However, these suggestions need to be tested in clinical studies and, for now, the Bolton analysis prevails as an effective clinical tool for assessing various relationships of upper to lower dentitions.
The patient had tooth size arch length discrepancy (TSALD) and according to Bolton analysis there was mandibular anterior tooth material excess.
Unitek TMP features comprehensive patient treatment planning information and tools for precise model analysis, such as point-to-point measurements, Bolton Analysis, arch length, overjet and overbite.
Bolton analysis in different classes of malocclusion in Saudi Arabian sample.
Key words: Tooth-size analysis, Tooth-size discrepancy, Bolton, Bolton analysis