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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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The first myth has to do with boilerplate's complexity.
There is compelling logic and evidence supporting autonomists' claims that boilerplate is a more complex and therefore a less comprehensible tem plate than a simple agreement between, say, Sally and John, to purchase John's bicycle for $120 (this is Radin's generic example) (p.
In fact, both deals are similarly complex, and in both deals people harbor just as much "sheer ignorance." In general, the complexity of the contract, and the resulting level of ignorance, has nothing to do with the boilerplate scheme.
The express terms include none of the staples of boilerplate contracting: none of the legal terms, the conditions, the assumptions of risk, or the instructions for courts.
(4) The warranty paragraph in the firm-drafted boilerplate is the acme of simplicity relative to this background legal mass.
Unlike the boilerplate remedy clauses, which are often short and plain (even if stingy)--limiting remedies to repair-or-replace or restitution of the price paid--the legally supplied damages that attach to the village contracts are quite complex given that the liability for consequential damage is notoriously hard to draw.
refusal to commit to the OEM's boilerplate could cost it the
Suppliers who do attempt to sneak in their boilerplate
of the boilerplate imposed by the OEMs or other buyers.
supplier representatives agree that changes in the boilerplate resulting
variation from the boilerplate terms is the strong formal commitment of
OEM boilerplate forms, although "tight" in many respects,