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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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Boilerplate is not an agreement but rather a "devolution or decay of the concept of voluntariness" (p.
She attempted to compensate for this lack of knowledge by modeling the linguistic cues inherent in the boilerplate and by invoking a non-expert audience in the text.
Perhaps the most obvious analogy between boilerplate contracts and boilerplate introductions is the following.
Then, within the field braces type IncludeText followed by a space and the full path name of the boilerplate document.
Relatedly, many contracts contain boilerplate integration language that confirms the parties' intention that the contract expresses the full and complete agreement of the parties and supersedes any prior agreements, understandings or discussions between the parties.
Every party reads the boilerplate and understands its legal
OVER the course of this year's campaign for mayor of Los Angeles, we've heard plenty of political boilerplate - group-tested slogans, empty promises, grandiose ideas with no attachment to reality.
Yet in a supposedly secularist culture where conservatives gripe that you're not allowed to talk about God anymore, mainstream public discourse rarely questions boilerplate rhetoric about God's higher purpose and the mystery of His ways.
Obviously, you can use the AutoCorrect Options anywhere you use Word--for signatures or boilerplate text.
While boilerplate copy is acceptable and adequate ("Cancel within 30 days for a full refund"), copy that dramatizes the guarantee with particular performance levels sounds more convincing.
Royal College of Art, London) If democracy isn't exactly the boilerplate issue of the day, this sprawling, anarchic survey of collective work made for a boisterous breath of fresh air.
So, if a New Jersey family wants to buy a traditional, boilerplate, $500-deductible Plan "D" in New Jersey, the annual cost would range from $20,940 to $127,824, depending on the carrier.