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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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Myth #2: Boilerplate Can Be Replaced with Informed Consent
Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate (softcover, one volume of approximately 700 pages, and one CD-ROM) sells for $149, is published by American Lawyer Media Publishing, and is available from their Web site,
Deliverables rooted in boilerplate alone can skewer the phase-in schedule, and may blow out the end of the planned startup/phase-in schedule on a new contract.
My study examined how one writer's changes from the boilerplate were based on audience concerns.
- the problem of manual implementation of patterns, resulting in boilerplate code
"The state filed a standard boilerplate response that states and state officials always file in these lawsuits," Beardall said.
They begin with the basics of contract drafting, covering the components of an agreement, the proper use of forms, boilerplate, drafting with precision, deal design, due diligence, and the tactics and ethics of negotiation.
In all, the FCC received 918 comments, including several hundred from recording artists who used boilerplate language to protest further radio industry consolidation.
Black's Law Dictionary defined "boilerplate" as language with "a definite meaning in the same context without variation.'" If the goal of using boilerplate is uniform application, (2) it fails spectacularly in the murky land of contracts of the dead.
BoJ Governor Kuroda, meanwhile, pledged that the central bank is "determined to continue currency easing policy" as it will eventual seen the 2% inflation target achieved, which are boilerplate remarks that cast little market impact.
OKLAHOMA CITY As lawmakers ready themselves for bill filing season, many will likely consider boilerplate bills with writers who are allowed to go anonymous.
The issue for accounting firms is that many NDAs contain boilerplate provisions that may conflict with professional standards and public accounting statutes.