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Balloon Occlusive Intravascular Lysis Enhanced Recanalization Strategy. A trial that assessed selective intravascular thrombolysis by direct lytic infusion through the central lumen of an inflated balloon, which was reported to be effective
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(*) Under certain conditions, it is theoretically possible that DEAE (or related compounds) in boiler water may be converted to nitrosamines, which are suspected human carcinogens.
Also, the leaks can go undetected because the boiler water is automatically replenished with new cold water or manually replenished by a building superintendent.
RO treatment of the make up water allows cycles of concentration in the boiler water to be increased dramatically.
The systems also indicate hidden leaks in condensate return lines, which otherwise go undetected and waste thousands of gallons of water a day and require the burning of extra fuel to heat the replenished boiler water.
Designed to provide plant engineers with real-time performance and status information, the PLC uses CANopen BUS technology to receive data from Spector-optimized probes detecting boiler water level, TDS content and burner performance.
Owners should have the boiler water set at a minimum of 180 degrees water temperature at all times, but the mixing valve should be set at 140 degrees, so by the time it gets upstairs, it is 130 degrees.
The OAS Heat Computer also detects the cause of insufficient hot water by monitoring the temperature of the boiler water and the water coming out of the hot water coil.
GEMchem uses well-proven, environmentally friendly organic compounds, which simply dose only the make-up water (rather than the feed water) and efficiently care for boiler water, steam and condensate systems.
Blowdown is the process of drawing off boiler water, which is then replaced with clean water from the feed-tank to reduce the concentration of contaminants.