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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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Marine boiler plate thickness was also a matter of some contention and it appears that there were two schools of thought among the early engineers in this respect.
The presence of responses in the boiler plate messages is meant to imply a responsive, outward-looking corporate position.
My approach is to surround the boiler plate language with plain English.
Ordinary steam engines don't have thick enough boiler plate, but Nichols & Shepard engines, with 1/2-inch on the entire boiler of their 25 hp and 30 hp machines, do.
Description: The NYS Office of Mental Health, Hutchings Psychiatric Center, is seeking to procure, through an IFB, a Contractor to provide Temporary Nursing Services (RN only) Hours vary and can be viewed in more detail by reading the attached Contract Boiler Plate (BP) and Invitation for Bid (IFB).
In dismissing the case the lower court found that Paragraph 27 (the standard boiler plate Bills and Notices provision) superseded the Statute which provided the landlord with an alternative between an oral or written rent demand, and thus the Landlord was required to make a written demand.
Prepare bid specifications, special conditions, incorporate Town boiler plate , and provide all other documents required to complete a total bid package suitable for advertising.
Specifics of the contract expectations can be found in the Contract Boiler Plate (BP) and Invitation for Bid (IFB).
All terms and conditions of the OMH contract boiler plate apply to this transaction.
Willingness to sign the attached professional services contract boiler plate (as amended to meet the requirements of this work).
Link in last line of press release before boiler plate should read: http://www.
HONOLULU, Hawaii -- In Mesa Air Group's boiler plate, last sentence should read: The Company, founded by Larry and Janie Risley in New Mexico in 1982, has approximately 3,500 employees (sted 3,700 employees).