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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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Marine boiler plate thickness was also a matter of some contention and it appears that there were two schools of thought among the early engineers in this respect.
In more simplistic terms, is espresso extraction just a "process" that only requires the understanding and practicing of certain basic "boiler plate" extracting systems?
Not one to leave questions unanswered, Mr Piggott ran a series of tests, each involving drilling 99 holes in standard boiler plate with a 16mm solid carbide drill.
Railroading, iron, and steel led the way along with boiler plate and nail production.
"Our act," says the Contract, "is designed to deliver relief from the heavy burden of government and let families keep more of their hard-earned dollars to pursue their own version of the American dream." (Emphasis added.) Unfortunately, that talk about "their own version" is mostly boiler plate; Congress will determine which dreams are worthy of tax breaks.
In this paper, dramatism is used to understand the dramas present in the rhetoric of corporate CEOs present in annual reports in the chairmen's boiler plate. Other rhetorical/critical methods may indeed look at how a particular speech is delivered, the audience characteristics, the internal psychological state of the speaker, their gestures and intonations, but dramatism in this form looks at the rhetorical vision and the dramas used to paint it in the written word alone.
Machines can also be used for generating translations of parts lists and other types of "boiler plate" documents.
After expressing their hope to advance the goal of uniformity, the writers of the exposure draft revert to the boiler plate language of the 1984 model and, in the explanatory note about format, admit that the uniform act, while comprising the complete text of a statute, is adaptable to piece-meal adoption.
The legalese, boiler plate language found in most reference works tends to scare the life out of accountants and clients alike.
Because of insurance "boiler plate" insurance authors cannot comply with rules of style as easily as other writers.
Most wills, for example, are almost all "boiler plate"-chunks of colorful but standardized verbiage required, where simple declarative sentences might otherwise do, to satisfy the voodooistic needs of the legal profession.
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