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The first part of this essay will examine how, in the opening passage of the poem, Beggs depicts bogland in an isolated area of north-east Ireland within accustomed topographical, picturesque, and Romantic forms of landscape representation.
One local said: "He is not doing anything illegal but this is a piece of bogland.
The Irish government is being urged to take stronger action to preserve Ireland's hundreds of thousands of acres of cutaway bogland.
That meant new forests were restricted to upland and bogland areas, comprising virtually all conifers and introduced species.
And on the first day the starry heavens rose from the water and a bogland without end around the hills.
Peat moss is the partially decomposed remains of sphagnum moss, a plant that defines the bogland ecosystems where it is found.
A new search for the 19-year-old's remains started last September in bogland not far from the border in Co Monaghan.
As a result gardai began searching a fortnight ago a 40sqm area of bogland.
A HUGE fire which broke out in bogland and could be seen for miles around was sparked by electricity arching from nearby poles.
If it transpires that seemingly generous minister Sharif has recently been lumbered with 375 acres of bogland, I'll lump on India.
The word carr means a wet area or peat bog, and the Prestwick site was formed when depressions left after the last Ice Age filled with water to form a mosaic of ponds, meres, swamp, fen and bogland.