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a city in Louisiana.
Bogalusa Heart Study - study of children in semirural area of Louisiana, focusing on natural history of coronary artery disease and essential hypertension; largest and longest study of its kind.
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THE WORKS of Ashley Farmer, Ian Rocksborough-Smith, and Rickey Hill are historical studies of local movements leading up to the Black Power era in Boston, Chicago, and Bogalusa, Louisiana, respectively.
Mean daily flow rate of the Pearl River at Bogalusa, Louisiana, and mean daily wastewater discharge from the Bogalusa Mill aeration basin.
Dedicated to armed self-defense, the group started in Jonesboro, Louisiana, in 1964; protected civil rights protesters in Bogalusa, Louisiana, in 1965; and provided security for participants in James Meredith's March Against Fear in Mississippi in 1966, before collapsing in 1967.
In June 1965 James Farmer, leader of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and longtime champion of Gandhian nonviolence, arrived in Bogalusa, Louisiana, to support a desegregation struggle in the heart of "Klan nation." Farmer had been escorted from New Orleans airport by a group of armed black men, who also stationed themselves in the hall where he spoke and watched discreetly over the march he led the next day through the town center.
As a black worker at Crown-Zellerbach's Bogalusa, Louisiana, plant recalled, "They stopped using the bathrooms, ...
We owe a lot to the small community of Bogalusa, Louisiana, and a physician whose work has greatly advanced our knowledge about the progression of heart disease.
Vitally important is his relationship to Southern folk culture, especially that of his childhood Bogalusa, Louisiana. His stint in Vietnam and his residencies in Colorado, Indiana, Japan, and Australia have also provided ample material for his poetry.
Left, Penny Tweedie's photograph of Aboriginal artist David Malaugi and his family taken in 1978; far left, photographer Matt Heron's sinister portrait of prejudice showing residents in Bogalusa, Louisiana, commenting on a 1965 civil rights march
Born in Bogalusa, Louisiana in 1947, Komunyakaa writes verse which pulsates with the rich folklore and mystery that attended his childhood in the South, and the collection is suffused in ancient mythology, especially incorporating gods from the Greek pantheon.
A study conducted in Bogalusa, Louisiana clearly shows that childhood overweight contributes to coronary risks later in life.
Northbrook, IL, January 04, 2013 --( The Boulder Group, a net leased investment brokerage firm specializing in single tenant assets, has completed the sale of a net leased CVS property located at 329 Superior Avenue, Bogalusa, Louisiana for $4,800,000.