van Bogaert, Ludo

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van Bogaert,

Ludo, Belgian neurologist, 1897–.
Canavan-van Bogaert-Bertrand disease - Synonym(s): Canavan disease
Divry-van Bogaert disease - see under Divry
Nyssen-van Bogaert-Meyer syndrome - see under Nyssen
van Bogaert disease
van Bogaert encephalitis - a rare chronic, progressive encephalitis that affects primarily children and young adults, caused by the measles virus. Synonym(s): subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
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We believe that the approval by Visa rewards the level of security and flexibility of our Chip & PIN solution," comments Etienne van den Bogaert, Swiff Chief Technology Officer.
Weinberger DM, Trzcinski K, Lu YJ, Bogaert D, Brandes A, Galagan J, et al.
Dr Stefaan van den Bogaert, University of Leiden, Prof.
We have been tracking the FTTH market in the Middle East for some time, and have set up this working group in response to the demands of several new Middle Eastern members," commented Joeri Van Bogaert, president of the FTTH Council Europe.
C[pounds sterling]We are global pioneers in colour and effects technologies that contribute both glamour and practicality to auto interiors,C[yen] said Yvette Bogaert, leader, Aesthetic Products & Services, at the company.
For example, in the analysis of centerfolds provided by Bogaert et al.
He will report to Gilles Bogaert, Managing Director Finance of the Group.
Bogaert (2013b) hypothesized an identity-less masturbation pattern characterized by a need for physical release without engaging in sexual fantasy or thoughts/images of sexual partners.
The way that people want to meet new people online is changing," said Lorenz Bogaert, CEO of Twoo.
Session 5 on Materials will include the following presentations: "An implementation of component material damping for tire vibration simulations," Robert Wheeler, Hankook Tire; "Application of a simplified viscoelastic model to 3-D simulation of rubber extrusion flow," Minwu Tao, Goodyear Tire & Rubber; and "Mechanics of bend-over-sheave (shoeshine) fatigue testing of cord-rubber laminates," Philippe van Bogaert, Bogimac, Grimbergen, Belgium.
In September, in cooperation with Stefaan van den Bogaert, professor in European Law, Leiden University and visiting professor in European Sports Law at the Free University, Brussels, and with Richard Parrish, director of the Centre for Sports Law Research at Edge Hill University, United Kingdom, the Asser Institute submitted a project proposal on a "Study on the Equal Treatment of Non-Nationals in Individual Sports Competitions" to the European Commission.