Bog Body

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A human body which has been partially preserved by the acidic water of bogs and marshes
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The author is an authority on the period and her survey is key to understanding the latest known facts about the bog people and their archaeological legacy.
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There are moments when you realise there is still a real need for someone like Holmes, a maverick, who's slightly outside the usual parameters which bog people down.
3) Glob and later researchers have noted that many of the bog people appear to have met with violent deaths: pinned down in the peat by wooden hurdles, their skulls smashed, their throats cut or leather nooses tightened around their necks (Beuker 2002, Glob 1969:144-192, Van der Sanden 1996:154-165).
With Tribes as this year's theme watch out for traditional Nigerian tribes, Bog People from Macnas, a Norse tribe and a gang of St Patricks and snakes.
The Mysterious Bog People is an exhibition showcasing precious objects ( and human bodies ( that were deposited in the bogs of northwestern Europe over the course of 10,000 years.
Three thousand years ago the Celts came to dominate the north of the continent: many a book has been written on Celtic history and influences, but Angus Konstam's HISTORICAL ATLAS OF THE CELTIC WORLD differs from most in including discussion of Celtic influences which remain to influence the modern world, and in adding a wealth of color illustration on every page to enhance such topics as the roots of Celtic art, the Cimbri migration, bog people and more.
Exhibits featured include the History of Public Pensions, the Bog People and the Education of Children; each contains excellent, concise information as well as visuals.
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Glob published his classic archaeological account, The Bog People, in 1965.
Bog people date back to the Iron Age (between 400 B.
Last year, a Danish museum sponsored a big exhibit of the so-called Bog People - corpses preserved in the peat swamps of northern Europe for thousands of years.