Bog Body

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A human body which has been partially preserved by the acidic water of bogs and marshes
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"This man may have been in a bog burial somewhere on the coast - similar to the skeleton on display in the museum at Hartlepool."
Remarks: a bog burial, with associated late glacial vegetation.
Remarks: a bog burial. A wedge-shaped, pointed piece of wood was associated with the skull, but the nature of this object is unknown at present.
Remarks: presumably a bog burial as the bone was said to have come from "pear" (personal communication by L.
Remarks: probably a bog burial. Literature: Weston and McMillion (1973).
The specimens came from a shelly marl, thus a bog burial is probably represented.
Remarks: remains found in "muck," so it is assumed to have been a bog burial. The humerus appears to have been from an adult deer as the epiphyses are firmly fused, yet the bone is only one-half to two-thirds the size of adult Odocoileus virginianus humeri in the Michigan State University Museum.
Michigan late Pleistocene bog burial sites significantly lack the faunal diversity of similar sites in Ohio and Indiana for reasons not presently understood.