Bog Body

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A human body which has been partially preserved by the acidic water of bogs and marshes
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The frozen corpses of the Franklin expedition crew in the Arctic, Dutch bog bodies, or a dessicated mouse, snuggled in the corner of a dry attic, are just as much mummies as the Egyptian pharaohs Tutankhamun and Rameses II.
One example is the archaeological record of 'bog bodies', which also includes human bones and other types of wetland (van der Sanden 2013, 401).
The archeologists worked with bog bodies, that is, well-preserved human remains, dating from the Neolithic and even Paleolithic ages.
Bog Bodies Uncovered: Solving Europe's Ancient Mystery deserves ongoing recognition for its powerful portrait of the remains of prehistoric men, women and children who are routinely uncovered in the bogs of northern Europe, and is a recommended pick for college-level collections strong in history, archaeology, and anthropology alike.
Incidentally Glob's The Bog People inspired many of Heaney's poems about bog bodies. See Helen Vendler, Seamus Heaney (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1998), p.
Nearly 2,000 ancient corpses, called bog bodies, have been found preserved in these wetlands.
Five research papers discuss such matters as old finds and new records regarding bog bodies in Scotland, the depositional landscape of the MA[currency]laren Valley in the late Bronze Age and earliest Iron Age of Scandinavia, and re-assessment of the environment and context of the Glastonbury Lake village.
Water held a special place in ancient cultures, with around 2,000 bog bodies having been recovered in Europe and valuable objects being placed in ponds and bogs as offerings.
He has said that photographs of bog bodies showed him the solution to integrating his figures 'comfortably' into the surface of paint, and his (male) bodies in this series struggle to emerge, to hover into life, caught in recognition but always nearly slipping back into the abstract pigment.
Jones, who recently finished filming his new flick Bog Bodies, was speaking at a charity soccer game in Los Angeles to raise money for victims of the deadly bush fires in Australia.
Glob's study, first published in Danish in 1965 (and in English translation in 1968) became one of the principal channels through which information about bog bodies and other finds first reached a wider, non-academic audience.