Bog Body

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A human body which has been partially preserved by the acidic water of bogs and marshes
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A BOG body has been found by workers in an area in the Midlands where a similar discovery was made two years ago.
But they didn't know that underneath the bog body were items that were worth thousands of pounds.
Further activities included the reconstruction of a Viking funeral and examination of an Iron Age bog body to discover how archaeologists gather information from funeral remains.
Because the exhibit is playing to a sophisticated audience, "Mummies of the World" has ramped up its multimedia displays, allowing people to learn what a mummy feels like (Gill-Frerking says a bog body feels like an old, crackly leather coat), view a mummified tooth under a microscope and look at a photo of a 3-D body scan, among other things.
The imaginative distance that he has travelled is recorded in 'Tollund', a return to the terrain of his first bog body.
With only one bog body found in the last 50 years experts had given up hope of finding any more until now.
A BOG body recently unearthed in Daingean, Co Offaly, may date back about 2,000 years.
Locating the specificity of the literary bog body in its ability to compress time and to render the past visible in the present, the figure functions as a mnemotope, defined provisionally as any chronotopic motif that manifests the presence of the past, the conscious or unconscious memory traces of a more or less distant period in the life of a culture or an individual.
TESTS on a preserved bog body have revealed it is one of the oldest ever found.
Janet speculates that the discovery of the bog body may have inspired a copycat killer to murder Kelly Summers.
Grauballe Man: An Iron Age Bog Body Revisited (Jutland Archaeological Society Publications 49).
Adam has just finished filming for Irish horror-film Bog Body which is out next year and recently starred alongside Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer in fantasy thriller Stardust.