Body Snatcher

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A person who illegally removes a dead body from a grave or vault, usually for profit. The practice was common in the 19th century due to demand for cadavers for medical students studying human anatomy
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In Brooklyn's Supreme Court yesterday, Judge John Walsh heard Mastromarino and his associates raked in more than EUR4.6m (pounds 2.3m) from the body-snatching scandal.
Cool spoof of cheapo drive-in scare fare manages to honor irs body-snatching '50s roots while striking into sharply original territory.
The body-snatching of the Dons by Milton Keynes and the Football League's cowardly rubber-stamping of the move gave a chilling sneak preview of the kind of franchise system so many of the game's rulers would welcome.
Then it's off to Warstone Lane for body-snatching, premature burial and air-tight coffins.
THE case against a man at the centre of a body-snatching ring which led to South Wales patients receiving stolen tissue has been adjourned.
There are plenty of cheesy scifi references to keep gamers amused but besides the obvious swapping of who's the hero here, peppered with instances of hypnotising, body-snatching and levitation, it's just your average shooter, with medium levels of amusement.
RAY BRADBURY's influential body-snatching aliens story The Meteor given tight treatment in a creepy little B-picture originally shot in 3D.
THE boss of a body-snatching ring responsible for stealing the bones of veteran broadcaster and bone cancer victim Alistair Cooke is himself dying of bone cancer.
THE leader of a body-snatching ring which made more than pounds 2m after stealing the bones of veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke and more than 1,000 other victims has apologised.
The head of a body-snatching ring responsible for stealing the bones of veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke pleaded guilty yesterday after a deal with US prosecutors.