Body-Mind Centering

Body-Mind Centering (BMC),

n an integrated methodology that uses hands-on repatterning and movement reeducation; based on physiological, anatomical, developmental, and psychophysical principles that use touch, mind, voice, and movement.
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BODY-MIND CENTERING[R] (BMCSM) Body-Mind Centering www.
Presolicitation: Intent to award sole source for research and analysis associated with the application of body-mind centering basic neurological patterns to interpret leadership decision making styles.
My first Body-Mind Centering workshop, 'Navel Radiation')
Mixing yoga, body-mind centering and basic contemporary dance with great tunes and just plain fun, Jane Ellison's Boing Boing workouts (www.
The techniques include Strain-Counterstrain, cranial and visceral osteopathy, fascial release, Body-Mind Centering, Joint Gliding, Zero Balancing, and acupressure.
Also featured are Body-Mind Centering principles, reflecting the view that tendon and ligament structures are more responsive and functionally active than commonly believed, and that overstretched, damaged tendons and ligaments can regain most of their proper tone, length, and thickness, using a variety of fascial release approaches to further the normal remodeling process.
The School for Body-Mind Centering Infant Developmental Movement Education: On-going dates, July through November, 2002.