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to·tal bod·y wa·ter (TBW),

the sum of intracellular water and extracellular water (volume); about 60% of body weight.
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to·tal bod·y wa·ter

(tō'tăl bod'ē waw'tĕr)
Sum of intracellular and extracellular water (volume); about 60% of body weight.
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Patient discussion about total body water

Q. I have found that my body weight has high proportion of water in total weight.. I have found that my body weight has high proportion of water in total weight, and it makes me to take less water and there by increasing my thirst, which in turn stresses my body a lot, what can I do to reduce this problem…..?

A. Your body has a way of compensating when it is lacking something. When you are dehydrated, your body will retain fluids, hence the excess water.
drink plenty of water daily and you will find that you will lose this puffiness as your body adjusts to getting what it needs.

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Body water diffuses alcohol content as it's digested, which means women have a higher concentration of alcohol in their blood stream when they drink.
"This is being practiced all over Hyderabad city to maintain their health and body water levels," Kumar told ANI.
"InBody devices measure body water to determine the amount of muscle and fat person has in his or her body.
The plans will see a network of high street retailers, coffee shops, businesses and local authorities offering free refill stations in every major city and town in England by 2021, industry body Water UK said.
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Terraillon Web Coach Easy View, PS120, This scale not only analyses weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass but displays it on a separate, Bluetooth-connected mini screen that you can affix anywhere.
The risk of getting low blood level increases in hot summer days, in addition to that overeating in both Iftar (breakfast) and Suhur (meal consumed early before fasting start) can put diabetic patient at the risk of a significant and sudden increase in blood sugar levels, and with the scorching heat, the body water decreases and the possibility of dehydration rises.