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Medtalk A functional 'unit' used to assess the severity of orthopnea in Pts with CHF, which refers to the number of pillows a Pt needs to sleep comfortably. See Congestive heart failure.
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A postsurgical cushion or support for a body part (e.g., the head, chest, hip, or knee). Therapeutic pillows are used as buttresses or wedges to relieve stress on parts of the body that have been operated on. Chest pillows are used after sternotomy to support the chest wall and limit pain from deep breathing or coughing. Pillows placed under or between the lower extremities are often used to maintain neutral or desired alignment of joints after joint replacement surgeries.

abductor pillow

A pillow or cushioned wedge placed between the legs of a patient to maintain proper positioning and prevent dislocation of the hip joint. It is used in patients with some congenital disorders of the hip, other conditions in which the patient is unduly prone to hip dislocation, and following surgeries (such as total hip replacement).
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Although body pillows and back wedges may not be top of mind for bedding industry players, those in the know say the category is a strong business and one that adds much-needed color and interest to the blinding whiteness of the basic bedding category.
Hollander markets body pillows, which the company calls cuddlerolls, in fabrics like high-pile plush, shimmering velour with metallicized thread and feminine pastel organzas.
As Julie Hards of West Valley, Utah, points out, such telescope covers already exist in the form of pillow cases designed for body pillows. Measuring 20 by 60 inches, they are large enough for most 8-inch reflectors and can be found in almost any store that sells bedding supplies.
To help change your sleeping habits, consider experimenting with body pillows, which generally prevent you from turning onto your stomach.
A twin bed can double as a sofa if you add large 28-inch square pillows or long body pillows as backing.
A line of new pillow shapes -- including euro squares, contour pillows and body pillows -- uses the naturally derived material, which helps to improve sleeping positions and provide natural ventilation.
The collections will include fabrics and crafts, body pillows and area rugs.
Body pillows, in novelty fabrics like velvet, corduroy and faux suede, are also part of the line.
In addition to comforters and pillows, the collection includes body pillows, back wedges and reading pillows.
In the pillow division, Hollander is introducing Peachy pillows, body pillows and Cuddlerolls in youth-inspired patterns from Bandana and Camouflage to Funky Flowers and the polka-dotted Twister.
Biederlack of America is expanding its newly launched TimLin Hill pillow collection with sizes and constructions customized for specific retailers, and adding bean bags, body pillows and bed rests to match the most popular Nick and Nora bedding lines.
introduced body pillows and comforters in the latest Hawaiian prints and plaids.