body of pancreas

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bod·y of pan·cre·as

the part of the pancreas from the point where it crosses the portal vein to the point where it enters the splenorenal ligament.
Synonym(s): corpus pancreatis [TA]
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Ultrasonography of the abdomen clearly showed the lower margin of the cyst merging with the irregular body of the pancreas with the main pancreatic duct traversing the cyst (Figure 2a, b); meanwhile the serum amylase and lipase levels were also significantly elevated correlating with evidence of acute pancreatitis in recent past (Table 1).
While these cells containing GATA4 are located in the end portions of the pancreatic bud, the cells containing GATA4 and SOX9 settle in the body of the pancreas (51).
In a study by Cho, (8) pancreatic TB was found to be located in the head, tail, and body of the pancreas in decreasing frequency.
The centrally located body of the pancreas crosses the midline of the human body, and the tail extends toward the hilum of the spleen.
3-cm) multilobulated mass with central necrosis within the left upper abdominal quadrant originating from the tail and body of the pancreas (magnetic resonance imaging).
Heterotopic pancreas, also known as pancreatic rests, is the presence of pancreatic tissue found outside the normal anatomic position and lacking vascular connection with the body of the pancreas [7].
1b) were of a large pseudocyst of pancreas arising predominantly from the head and body of the pancreas.
Abdominal sonography revealed a large, thick walled, unilocular cyst anterior to head and body of the pancreas.
1) When a gastrinoma is suspected, one should carefully inspect the "gastrinoma triangle," an anatomic triangle bounded by the junction of the cystic duct insertion on the common bile duct, the body of the pancreas, and the junction of the second and third portions of the duodenum (Figure 1).
Stones confined to the head and/or body of the pancreas.
We have been watching a lady since 1996 who has two IPMTs--one in the body of the pancreas and the other in the uncinate process," he related.