Body Sculpt

The toning of muscles with weights and other devices to achieve the perfect, 'sculpted' body
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Contract awarded for Supply of instructor for NUS Aerobics Club for Cardio Aerobics, ABT, Kickboxing and Body Sculpt Classes.
According to CoValence Laboratories, its new Body Sculpt Lotion is for everyone who wants to improve current cellulite, creping and sagging skin issues, but to also initiate a preventive plan.
Asda has brought out a Body Sculpt Vest, designed to get rid of manboobs and give you a six-pack.
30pm; Tuesday,6pm, Total Tone, all wobbly bits targeted; Wednesday Power Train with Ian; Thursday, Tai Chi, 6pm, and on Friday, Body Sculpt, legs bums and tums, and starting January 19 beginners Tai Chi at 10am.
featuring the latest funk and hip-hop dance moves, and Body Sculpt & Strength, a muscle-toning workout with weights and tubes.
Currently, Garrison is a principal and president of Body Sculpt International LLC, which owns and operates plastic surgery clinics under the trade name Sono Bello.
Asda hopes its Bodysculpt Control Top, nicknamed the Thingo, will be as successful as the men's Body Sculpt Vest which sold out in four days when it debuted two years ago.
London, Nov 23 (ANI): Lardy men can now gracefully cover up their "moobs" and flaunt six pack abs, thanks to the Body Sculpt vest from supermarket Asda.
Marks & Spencer Body Formula Body Sculpt, pounds 9
The workouts are Fat Blasting Cardio, Upper Body Sculpt, Lower Body Firmer, Core Makeover, Yoga Stretch & Flex, and a bonus segment, KettleBell ToneUp.