Body Attack

Circuit type aerobics characterised by ultra-rapid ('ballistic') movements
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Having placed a small stone so as to intercept one of the lines, the whole body attacked it, and then immediately retired.
One thing that Thurman worked on in camp was strengthening his core to withstand a body attack.
Type 1 diabetes sees the body attack insulin-making cells in the pancreas and causes glucose levels in the blood to become too high.
Felix Alvarado of Nicaragua overwhelmed Randy Petalcorin with a savage head and body attack en route to a seventh-round stoppage Monday night to bag the International Boxing Federation lightflyweight crown at the Midas Hotel and Casino.
Lesley Cochrane has been teaching Body Attack, Body Pump and Body Combat for 10 years in the town.
New versions of the gym's lifting class, SHRED, Olympian Les Mills classes, Body Attack, Body Combat, RPM, the indoor cycling workout timed to the rhythm of powerful music, Body Pump, Body Balance and BodyStep will also be launching as of next week for everyone to try.
11am: The Aviation Club Presents: Les Mills Body Attack
Knowing that he's behind in the scorecards, Loreto desperately waged a body attack in the last three rounds, but the Thai was able to evade his lunges.
Relentlessly, Green continued the body attack and knocked Petty to the ground for a second time in the first round.
The exercise was a mix between cardio and weight lifting plus some group exercises like body combat and body attack"
Gold's Gym and Get Moving will also offer body attack, body combat, and Zumba classes throughout the show.