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David, early 20th-century U.S. anatomist. See: Bodian copper-protargol stain.
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Bodian found that while he derived great benefits from years of meditation, at some point mindfulness left him disengaged with life, as if he were always observing events rather than participating.
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77) After all, the memories of oppression and ostracism remained strong and became "an important catalyst of self-consciousness" and a crucial factor of unity and identity, as Miriam Bodian observed for the Amsterdam community.
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The need for sophisticated intellectual property capabilities has never been greater, as companies, particularly in medical technology and life sciences, continue to develop breakthrough innovations and seek access to the public markets, said Robert Bodian, Managing Member of the firm.
The Four Noble Truths on which Buddhism is based (Landaw & Bodian, 2003) are that (a) suffering is dissatisfaction with the way life is, (b) suffering is caused by attachment to desires and the subsequent distress when desires are not met, (c) suffering ends by relinquishing the belief that desires are unmet, and (d) liberation from suffering is achieved by following an internal journey of enlightenment.
As Yosef Kaplan, Jonathan Israel, Miriam Bodian, and others have shown, even among the majority of Conversos whose Jewish commitments were marginal or nonexistent there remained a strong sense of ethnic identity, as being part of the "Naqao.
Third Row: Ankur Patankar, design editor; Spencer Bodian, asst photo editor; Dylan Segelbaum, asst.
Miriam Bodian explores male martyrdom in the crypto-Jewish world through figures such as Luis de Carvajal and Maldonaldo da Silva in Peru, who wrote texts claiming their martyrological status.
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