Aaron, U.S. biochemist, 1887-1961. See: Bodansky unit.
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Daniel Bodansky, The Legitimacy of International Governance:
For a discussion of the Paris climate framework and how it differs from earlier efforts, see: Esty (2015); Bodansky (forthcoming).
The reader will recognize that these questions, although grouped in six clusters, follow the classification of legitimacy theories in three groups, as clearly put forward, for example, by Daniel Bodansky (5): source-based theories (the first two clusters), process-based theories (the third and fourth clusters), and outcome-based theories (the fifth and sixth clusters).
Beinart, 2014; Lampropoulos, 2002; Weaks, 2002; Worthen & McNeill, 1996; Zarbock, Drews, Bodansky, & Dahme, 2009) have found that a strong supervisory relationship predicts a range of positive outcomes, including increased supervisee disclosure and stronger supervisee-client relationships (Goodyear, 2014).
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1970); see also Daniel Bodansky, The Legitimacy of International Governance: A Coming Challenge for International Environmental Law?
79) Likewise, Professor Daniel Bodansky concludes that, "depending on its contents, the president might be able to join the Paris agreement on the basis of existing constitutional, statutory, and/or treaty authority, without submitting it to the Senate or Congress for approval.
But there are examples of international agreements without binding rules that nonetheless have had an impact on how countries behave, according to environmental law expert Dan Bodansky of Arizona State University.
New Right in Water, supra note 4, at 2198 (citing Daniel Bodansky, Climate Change and Human Rights: Unpacking the Issues, 38 Ga.
Crustaceans, such as shrimp, lobster and crab, are in particularly need of Cu because its serves as an oxygen carrier in their blood (Rose and Bodansky, 1920).
Diabetes expert Dr Jonathan Bodansky, of Leeds St James's Hospital, told the hearing in Crook that Mrs Chapman required urgent treatment the evening before she died.