Aaron, U.S. biochemist, 1887-1961. See: Bodansky unit.
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407 (2009); see also DANIEL BODANSKY, THE ART AND CRAFT OF INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 54 (2010) ("Taking [culture] off the table, as economists typically do by treating it as a given, means that we give up one of the potentially most powerful levers to effectuate environmental change.").
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The revelation was made by Adam Robinson, a journalist based in the Middle East and Yossef Bodansky, who served as director of the US Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.
Ayelet Berman, Daniel Bodansky, Harlan Cohen, Sarah Dadush, Stavros
En este asunto, Daniel Bodansky se pregunta enfaticamente si no seria mejor considerar las afirmaciones descriptivas y normativas asociadas con el constitucionalismo por sus propios meritos (22).
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NOS respectivos loteamentos, privilegiam-se, estrategicamente, a construcao verticalizada, proporcionando maior numero de habitacoes sobrepostas, num mesmo espaco aereo e nao agregando as construcoes tecnologias e conhecimentos de sustentabilidade ambiental (ZIMMERMANN e SCHONS, 2009; BODANSKY, 2012; RACHED, 2016).
Uranium enriched to less than 20% [sup.235]U is usually called low-enriched uranium or LEU and, at a level below 10% [sup.235]U, it becomes more difficult to substantially enrich to weapons-grade uranium (2) or close to it (Barroso 2009; Bernstein 2008; Bodansky 2004; Heriot 1988; Murray 2001) (3).
(3.) For a discussion of the Paris climate framework and how it differs from earlier efforts, see: Esty (2015); Bodansky (forthcoming).