a children's hospital in Valhalla, NY.
Blythemobile - stretcher-wheelchair combination that can be self-propelled.
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* Blythedale Coastal Resort - The project requires funding for a five-star hotel development within the resort as well as commercial, retail and residential developments.
Lane was appointed chief development officer of Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, N.Y.
After the boys left Montefiore, they were taken to a rehabilitation facility at Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, New York, where their journey was just beginning.
A ribbon cutting ceremony is schedules at 15:45 hours today, which will open the doors to a preview of the store, followed by a cheque presentation to Blythedale Children's Hospital and Westchester Medical Centre.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra had yet to go on tour at the time, but then was to play a show in New York City to benefit Blythedale Children's Hospital near the city.
She was also on staff at the Blythedale Children's Hospital for more than seven years.
In addition to the Annual Hall of Honor Awards, BOMA also presented a special President's Award to Blythedale Children's Hospital for its long-term contribution to the social and economic well being of the community and its residents.
Marion (pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and clinical genetics, Montefiore Medical Center and Blythedale Children's Hospital) shares stories of cases he has been involved with during his career as a geneticist, such as conjoined twins who shared a skull and were successfully separated; a child whose broken bones were found to be a genetic condition rather than child abuse; a baby with a genetically-transmitted absence of sweat glands; a child suffering from Sanfilippo syndrome; and a child who died of spinal muscular atrophy.
Buggee's first hand-painted mural and ceiling tiles went to Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, N.Y.
Mayer performed at the 95.5 WPLJ-FM's 17th Annual Holiday Concert at Blythedale Children's Hospital in the Big Apple, reports Contactmusic.