Blunt Force Injury

A traumatic injury caused by the application of mechanical force to the body by a blunt force, object or instrument—e.g., cricket or baseball bat, brick, bottle—or an injury in which the body strikes a surface such as a wall or the ground, in which the skin was not penetrated; such injuries usually result from assaults, abuse, accidents or resuscitative measures
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A FATHER-of-four who died after an incident in Wrexham town centre suffered a blunt force injury, it was revealed at the opening of an inquest.
The study included 32 chronic users, average age 38, who died from a meth overdose, gunshot or stab wound, hanging, blunt force injury, or sudden heart or lung problems.
Most murders in this country are by blunt force injury. So unless you get rid of hatred, killing (which is illegal) will still be carried out.
The final cause of death was given as ligature strangulation with blunt force injury.
Birmingham Coroner's Court heard he suffered severe blood loss due to serious blunt force injury to his left armpit.
Joseph McDonald, of Bosworth Road, Acocks Green, suffered severe blood loss due to serious blunt force injury to his left armpit while working overtime as an industrial cleaner at the Lode Lane plant on Father's Day last year.
"Not one of the witnesses was able to exclude a fall down the stairs as causing the blunt force injury to Finley's head."
Dr MacKenzie told the court: "In my opinion it all began with blunt force injury.
He told the High Court in Livingston how the toddler had a ruptured heart and he recorded the cause of death as blunt force injury to the torso.
A YOUNG man attacked on a footbridge on New Year's Day died as a result of blunt force injury to the head, his inquest heard yesterday.
A pathologist said that 55-year-old Pamela Jackson was dead within 35 minutes of sustaining a blunt force injury to her head.