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George A., U.S. physician, 1858-1940. See: Blumer shelf.
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The arrivals of defenders Vedran Corluka, Javi Garrido and Brazil winger Elano Blumer took Eriksson's spending to pounds 32.
Pepe Reina had no chance of gathering the ball as David Blumer raced in to get there before him and slide the ball home from an acute angle to make it 2-0.
In the final section on structure and agency, Williams, O'Brien, Blumer and Goffman weigh in on social structure and alternatives while Bourdieu, Giddens and Bauman take on the issues of agency.
They shared their samples with Max Blumer and Jerry Sass, WHOI geochemists who knew how to analyze oil with one of the field's newest tools, the gas chromatograph.
He was eliminated by fifth-placer Tim Blumer of Minnesota 1-0.
Although Hughes became strongly identified with the Chicago department (he received his PhD there in 1928, the same year as did Blumer and Robert Redfield, was a faculty member from 1938 to 1961, and chair from 1952 to 1956), he pursued a number of lines in his career which constituted a somewhat unusual trajectory such as spending a number of years after college teaching English to newly arrived immigrants.
Blumer (1977), a psychiatrist, examined and tested 234 patients with chronic pain complaints in an attempt to identify specific personality variables that might explain their continued difficulties.
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ISTANBUL, Aug 1, 2009 (TUR) -- Worldwide famous Brazilian football player Elano Blumer arrived in Istanbul after signing with Turkcell Super League team Galatasaray.
GUY BLUMER is hoping for better luck this time out after being denied victory by a fuel leak last time out.
Meanwhile, City want to fly in Brazilian star Elano Blumer - after clearing up a bitter row between agents about his transfer.
Pepe Reina had no chance of gathering as David Blumer raced in to get there before him and slide home from an acute angle to make it 2-0.