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Johann F., German physiologist, 1752-1840. See: Blumenbach clivus.
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Not only is the set of problems that Weatherby uses to guide his investigation pressing and relevant, but his work is also to be lauded for the range of figures analyzed, including but not limited to Leibniz, Blumenbach, Kant, Herder, Holderlin, Schelling, Novalis, Alexander von Humboldt, Goethe, and Marx.
Dentro de esta coyuntura el cientificismo racial emergio como un fuerte movimiento que planteaba encontrar nuevas respuestas sobre la antropologia y la cuestion racial, proveyendo un amplio campo de discusion en el que participaron grandes figuras como Carlos Linneo, George Cuvier, Johannes Friedrich Blumenbach y el Conde de Buffon.
Blumenbach believed that Adam and Eve were Cau-casian and that the four other races resulted after they were forced out of Eden.
Ahora bien, el propio Kant, en otros pasajes de la Critica de la facultad de juzgar, llama a los organismos con toda naturalidad seres vivos, y en su discusion con el biologo Blumenbach lo felicitara precisamente por su comprension de la vida en oposicion a la materia inerte (11).
One major benefit of her erudition is to situate the Scottish debate on race and gender in a truly European intellectual context that includes not only the avowed favorite of the Scottish literati, Montesquieu, and other French thinkers who are commonly cited by Scottish Enlightenment scholars because of their prominence or their relevance for Scottish stadial theory, such as Rousseau, Voltaire, and Turgot, but also less well-known French-language writers, including Goguet, Lamy, and de Pauw, and French and European scientific and anthropological authors, such as Linnaeus, Buffon, Zimmermann, and Blumenbach.
Mammalia, Chiroptera Blumenbach, 1779: New locality records, filling gaps, and geographic distribution maps from Northern Argentina.
Palorbitolina lenticularis (Blumenbach, 1805) (=Madreporites lenticularis Blumenbach, p.
For Georges-Louis LeClerc de Buffon, johann Blumenbach and others, the traits they observed and were the basis for their classification were not original or eternal, but only superficial responses to climate.
While the association of race based exclusively on physical features in the United States was largely a consequence of the nineteenth century scholarship of Johann Blumenbach and Georges Cuvier, the links between race and crime was first elaborated by Cesare Lombroso (1876).
The second refers to Whewell, Mill, Comte, Spencer, Dilthey, Schopenhauer, Darwin, Maxwell, Lagrange, Faraday, Mendel, Lyell, Hegel, Schelling, Lamarck, Burdach, Treviranus, Blumenbach, Girtanner, Meckel and many others in the space of thirty.
We talked about privilege, colonial inscriptions, the white masculinist underbelly of modernity in the east, and you said: "to assert oneself as a white man is to be like Kant, Blumenbach, the Imperialists, to be like Bush and to wilfully ignore all the great and often contradictory diversities of the many peoples who constitute this so called race; and the suppressed and silenced polemics of these dispossessed peoples.
Los eslavos son de la raza humana que el antropologo aleman Johann Friedrich Blumenbach denomino en 1800 como la raza caucasica.