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Leonid W., Russian neurologist, 1862-1932. See: Blumenau nucleus.
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The company began as a small weaving mill in Blumenau, in the southern state of Santa Caterina, and was a successful textile business before expanding into finished garments and apparel sold under the brand names Hering, which makes both men's and women's fashions, and the children's lines PUC and Hering Kids.
Professor Florentin Smarandache from the University of New Mexico, United States, has deduced the existence of particles moving faster-than-light in a published paper called "There Is No Speed Barrier in the Universe" in 1998 [3], as an extension of a 1972 manuscript [4] that he also presented in 1993 at the conference Paradoxism in Literature and Science held in the Universidad de Blumenau, Brazil.
Rosie and her family, who live in Litherland, come from Blumenau in southern Brazil, so some of the dishes they have brought the restaurant are specific to their home town.
The collections were carried out in Natural City Park Silo Francisco de Assis, situated in Blumenau, Santa Catarina State, South Brazil, at 26[degrees]55'15" S and 49[degrees]05'30" W.
This made-fortelevision version stars Jake Blumenau, Clare Thomas and Jemima Rooper, as the children with Jenny Agutter, who played Bobbie in the original film, taking on the role of the mother.
Comparative analysis of the PB performance in Porto Alegre, Ipatinga, Blumenau, Rio Claro, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, and Santo Andre enables Wampler to pinpoint the conditions that lead to "successful" and "unsuccessful" experiences.
In the cities of Blumenau and Itajai, among the worst hit by the floods, people ransacked supermarkets and grocery stores in search of food, local officials said.
Jack Blumenau, Clare Thomas and Jemima Rooper star in the roles made famous by Jenny Agutter, above, Gary Warren and Sally Thom set
c) Department of Pharmacology, Centre of Biological Sciences, FURB, Blumenau, SC, Brazil