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Jacob M., German surgeon and gynecologist, 1873-1955. See: Blumberg sign.
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Blumberg's service began on an 11th Circuit grievance committee, and he was elected to the Board of Governors in 1987.
Kappeler, Blumberg, and Potter demonstrate that there is no empirical evidence to support the commonly held belief that American adults and American society in general are under siege by a tidal wave of crimes committed by young people (non-adults).
There are times when Blumberg makes a statement and expects the reader to know exactly what he is talking about.
"I kind of fell in love with that period because it was a period when people really cared about what they were doing," Blumberg said.
Because so little is known of York's youth, Blumberg opens with a composite description of slavery.
According to Blumberg, the reality of war is recognized by the Jewish tradition.
One of the authors, Bruce Blumberg, of the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology at the University of California, Irvine, is listed as a co-inventor on a patent granted in 2002 on the gene for an unrelated receptor in frogs.
Blumberg is a biopsychologist who writes of scientific processes in a simple style that explains physiological changes and physics formulas for the layman.
"RTA doesn't have to mean bare bones," Blumberg said.
In Body Heat : Temperature And Life On Earth, biophysicist Mark Blumberg's exploration of temperature in the world considers the many ways temperature rules the lives of animals, from how penguins survive Antarctic winters to why people survive drowning accidents in winter, but not in summer.
The black-tie ceremony also paid tribute to International CEO of the Year Steven Shindler of NII Holdings, Technology Leader of the Year Blanca Trevino de Vega of Softtek, Environmentalist of the Year Diana Pombo Holguin of Colombia and Humanitarian of the Year Juan Carlos Blumberg of Argentina.
"Previous studies suggest flavonoid-rich foods, including fruits, vegetables, tea, red wine and chocolate, might offer cardiovascular benefits," said Blumberg. "This is one of the first clinical trials to look specifically at dark chocolate's effect on lowering blood pressure among people with hypertension," said the report in "Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association."