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Two objects considered together because of similarity, for a common purpose, or because of some attracting force between them.
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Two of anything similar in shape, size, and conformation.

base pair

In the double-stranded helical arrangement of DNA, the complementary purine-pyrimidine nucleotide bases (adenine-thymidine or guanine-cytosine) that are linked by weak chemical bonds. The order of these base pairs encode the genetic information in each segment of DNA.

ion pair

Two particles of opposite charge, usually an electron and a proton.
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While there's nothing wrong with that, most headphones achieve this through one power button that needs to be long pressed for Bluetooth pairing and the E55BT seems to have gone for a redundant approach with the dedicated Bluetooth button.
According to ( The Verge , the new update comes with a number of new features including Dictation, Timeline, quick Bluetooth pairing and many more.
There is no reference to filling up the Bluetooth pairing queue--which is the reason for the clearing process in the first place.
Bluetooth pairing with digital devices is done easily and quickly.
BlueTunes ROM is fully compliant with Bluetooth v2.1+EDR and supports secure simple pairing to simplify the Bluetooth pairing process.
One end has the power and the Bluetooth pairing buttons whereas the other has the microUSB and the 3.5mm port.
Better Bluetooth pairing: Generally, Bluetooth pairing is a tardy process, which makes you wait till your device is paired.
To determine ease of use, all headsets were used without first reading the manual, for example, to see if the Bluetooth pairing process was intuitive.
While most of the controls, like changing mic/guitar level, Bluetooth pairing or Party Lights are touch based, the central playback control is gesture based.
( Neowin reports the upcoming Redstone 2 update is also bringing a Proximity Connect feature that would allow a Windows 10 Mobile device to connect to a dock wirelessly via Bluetooth pairing. The feature is going to help the dock detect the smartphone easily, so the user won't have to do anything to pair up the devices, not even taking the handset out of his or her pocket.