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Female familiar bluets typically leave their natal wetland to forage in surrounding uplands, whereas males tend to stay by the water, patrolling for females (Bick and Bick, 1963).
(20) Her father and mother simultaneously and verbally object to Shelley's accusations and remind her how much they all want and love the youngest baby, Bluet, and wouldn't dream of life without her.
Schuyler stands as a glad, unnecessary witness to an event-the bluet's unseasonable flowering--made possible and then actually made by "stamina." This is no ordinary poem about a flower.
Of the rare texts now reprinted after 270 years, the most detailed and incisive anatomy of Mandeville's Fable is George Bluet's Enquiry whether a General Practice of Virtue tends to the Wealth or Poverty ...
woman literal litter We're here till we go newdead all one in the end Last lines being sentimental never be witty with finality it's not quiet and it's not laughing adark bluet who am I to observe myself I'll be no one Will I!
Along the way, like a royal carpet welcoming me, were lady slippers, star flowers, bluet, gay wings, bird's-foot violets, jack-in-the-pulpits, azaleas, geraniums and lilies of the valley.
(1) The University of Memphis' first official student-run record label, BlueT.O.M.
ALL gardens are visited by numerous kinds of wildlife, some attractive and beneficial, like bluet its and butterflies, others devastating and even virtually invisible.
Was it smooth to the eye & touch, or was it surprisingly rough like the surface of coral or a bed of bluet anemones?
Now I'm not a person who works every hour God sends, but I do have better things to do than stuffing bluet it chicks back into their nest every five minutes.
Gavotte des bluets pour 4 trompes (Lyon: a l'Accord parfait, 1914)
For more questionable examples, see Nelson, Bluets, on love for the color blue; and Charles, "A Crime of Passion," on the love of yogurt.