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1. The dried and powdered root of Rubia tinctorum (family Rubiaceae); it contains several glycosides that produce the red dyes alizarin and purpurin on fermentation. When madder (or alizarin) is fed to young animals, the calcium in newly deposited bone salt, hydroxyapatite, is stained red.
2. Any dye obtained from plants of the madder family (Rubiaceae).
Synonym(s): Turkey red
[A.S. maedere]


Root of the plant Rubia tinctorum, a source of the red dye alizarin.

madder (maˑ·dr),

n Latin name:
Rubia tinctorum; part used: roots; uses: kidney stones, paralysis, menstrual problems, jaundice; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children; possible hepatotoxicity. Also called
dyer's madder, garance, krapp, madder root, or
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Female familiar bluets typically leave their natal wetland to forage in surrounding uplands, whereas males tend to stay by the water, patrolling for females (Bick and Bick, 1963).
She serves as founder and faculty advisor to the Memphis chapter of the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA), the collegiate network of NABFEME, the student-run record label BlueT.
The stable lyric is deranged, shown "awkward," shown "dazed," shown "bleeding:" As in "The Bluet," something breaks, and there are three: Bresson, Creeley, and a third.
By May, the pond is hopping with an assortment of baskettails, clubtails, dot-tailed whitefaces and bluets.
Maggie Nelson is the author of four books of poetry and five nonfiction works, including Bluets (2009) and The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning (2011), a work of cultural criticism and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
Annie Rolland suggested using husbands as "coaches," a technique Lamaze integrated into his practice in Les Bluets.
Not the sheep as they drink/from the millpond/cloven hooves crushing bluets,/the homely thunk of their bells.
Unusual sightings there include wandering gliders, cherry-faced and white-faced meadowhawks, spot-winged gliders and bored bluets.
Located at 37 Bridge Street between Water and Plymouth Bluets, Kirkman Lofts is being redeveloped into condominiums after once housing Kirkman & Sons, the country's leading soap producer in the eddy 20th Century.
4 Maggie Nelson, Bluets (Wave Books) File this lean tome under "color theory"--albeit a version of that strange genre that offers an intimate account of a color deeply imbued with bouts of loneliness, loss, lust, and unfixed wonder.
We seeded white Dutch clover into bare areas of the lawn, and encouraged wild violets and bluets to grow into a low-maintenance lawn that stays green without irrigation, even through the hot, dry periods of August.
Both she and he had published literary work as college students, she in Biltmore Junior College's Bluets and he in Carolina Magazine.